Hybrid Working

Implement a hybrid working strategy that can identify and realise savings of up to 40% of office costs. 
HotDesk+ has six key features to help you realise the benefits of hybrid working and the flexible workspace.

Advanced data analytics

Identify work-space efficiencies by tracking the usage of desks, meeting rooms and other work spaces using the HotDesk+ advanced reporting module.  View and download usage data on a daily or even hourly basis to identify cost optimisation opportunities and create a truly flexible work-space strategy for your organisation. 

Remote working

Accurately plan and manage who needs to come into the office and when. Team members improve collaboration by informing their colleagues when working from home. Managers can adapt team members’ bookings making the whole process seamless for everyone.

Two-click bookings

Employees can book a desk, meeting room or collaboration space within seconds even when they’re on the move using our mobile application. Integration with your Active Directory and Outlook/Google mail makes the process even easier.  By making the booking process quick and intuitive, managers can eliminate stress and increase employee satisfaction and welfare.

Visitor management

Make a great first impression and welcome visitors to your organisation safely and securely with the Visitor Management module.  Set criteria and screening questions at a global, regional, or building level that visitors must meet to gain entry.

Flexible workspaces

Encouraging collaboration and communication within your workplace without compromising on security and safety.  Set capacity limits at global, region or local or floor levels, enabling different buildings in different locations to manage their capacities effectively and responsively.  Set approval workflows as required to manage your workplace strategy.

COVID-19 self-certification

Ensure your team can return to the office safe and secure, with our daily COVID-19 self-certification module. If there is a COVID-19 incident in your office, real-time contract tracing is available to ensure the safety of you and your team. Managers can rapidly implement a response plan as they can see who booked and checked in to each desk.


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