The simplest and most configurable application for managing your desks, meeting rooms and parking. There is a great range of revolutionary, flexible, and functional features, which are completely customisable to your workplace needs. HotDesk+ is the complete solution to help you manage workspace and remote working effectively and allow your team to work in the office safely.

Core Features

The HotDesk+ application is highly configurable to suit any office and has so many features it is hard to list on one page, but we will try! Regardless of your office’s needs, HotDesk+ has it covered. 

Below is a list of just some of our amazing features:

Easily Find and Book Desks

Simple two-click bookings and interactive maps find and reserve desks, from fixed seating to total hotdesking / hotelling and everything in between.


Manage Meetings

Easily reserve available rooms so you can quickly book a space, even on-the-fly

Perfect for Parking

Whether commuting by bike or car, book a parking spot for the day or in advance so you arrive to work confident.

Simple intuitive desktop and mobile app

Our booking module is the simplest and most intuitive to use. Two clicks to book, bulk-book, and a simple swipe or QR scan to check in/out.

Secure, fully encrypted & cloud-based

Your data is safe and secure, fully encrypted both standing and in transit on Microsoft Azure technology.

Active directory

Simple integration with your organisation’s corporate directory.

Single sign on

Log in to HotDesk+ securely with your existing corporate identity (incl. Azure, Google, AWS, SAML2.0, and Okta).

COVID-19 response

COVID-19 self-certification, capacity limits, social distancing procedures, real-time contact tracing, remote working, and cleaner reporting.


Support global teams with user level multi-language functionality. Currently 11 languages but the list is expanding all the time.

Calendar integration

Integrate meetings and desk bookings across all calendars, including Office 365 and Google.

Teams integration

Integrate every meeting to your corporate Microsoft Teams.

Set capacity limits

Set capacity limits at local levels, enabling different buildings in different locations to manage their capacities effectively.

COVID-19 self-certification

Make your return to the office safe and secure with our daily COVID-19 self-certification module.

Implement social distancing

Ensure only desks that are adequately spaced can be used and reduce capacities in meeting rooms.

Integrated office plans

Fully interactive office plans, which are completely configurable within the administration module.

24 hour support

Live chat to receive on hand assistance from real people, when needed.

WFH booking

Provide complete transparency on when you or your team are in the office or working from home.

Real-time MI reporting

Access data-rich Management Information across all your locations with ease in real-time.

Wellbeing module

Full wellbeing module covering fire wardens, benefits, exercise tips and healthy eating.

Workplace DSE assessments

Complete assessment and send copies to the DSE officer in real time. Can complete for any desk or home office.

Real-time contact tracing

In the event that there is a COVID-19 incident in your office, real-time contract tracing is available to ensure the safety of your team-members.

QR Code check-in

Check into your booking with QR codes


Check-in to your booking with sensors, which interact with your mobile device

IOS & Android mobile app

IOS and Android apps available at no extra charge

Flexible payment methods

Pay monthly by credit card, direct debit or annually via purchase order and company invoice.

Workspace surveys

Conduct surveys and see reports in real time on how users of the office are feeling about the workspace.

Issue management

Raise issues with office facilities straight from the app or desktop browser.

Full permission module

Managers can decide who can use their neighbourhood: anyone globally, only their team or on request.


Find team members, desks, meeting rooms on any floor plan globally.

Key Features

What sets us apart from the competition?

Rapid Implementation

Start using HotDesk+ within 24 hours for smaller teams and as little as a few weeks for teams of 1000 or more.

Configurable to your needs

Fully configurable to the needs of your workplace. Our software adapts to almost every work situation.

Simple booking

Simple and efficient user interface on desktop and mobile with two-click booking and one swipe or QR check in.


Support global teams with user level multi-language functionality enabling each user to choose their own language.

Additional services

  • 24-hour support from real people
  • Initial set-up done for your office
  • Managed Implementations
  • Managed Executive Reporting


Our product was developed with the user in mind. From the very first concept through to today, our core principles ensure our application is the simplest and most intuitive app possible with our aim that a user guide should not be needed for the end user of our product.


Whether you have a small team in one office or are running 1,000s of global teams across hundreds of cities, HotDesk+ is perfectly suited to your needs. We offer granular permission modules which can be set at team or office level, detailed real-time reporting and MI, and COVID-19 response features assisting to make returning to the office safe and secure for all.


HotDesk+ gives your administrators full control for managing your company’s environment. Whether you want to change your settings, change your permissions module, or make changes to your office layout, your designated administrator or administrators will have access to make them for you. Our user-friendly Administrators module allows you to make most changes in two clicks. 


Our team of onboarding experts will work along with your project teams to get your secure environment configured and ready to use. Start using HotDesk+ within 24 hours for smaller teams and as little as a few weeks for teams of 1000 or more.

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