Return to the office with improved safety and peace of mind with our six key COVID-19
response features

COVID-19 self-certification

Ensure your team can return to the office safe and secure, with our daily COVID-19 self-certification module. Quickly and easily implement COVID-19 self-certification potentially reducing the risk to individual team members and the entire workforce.

Capacity limits

Set capacity limits at global, region or local or floor levels, enabling different buildings in different locations to manage their capacities effectively and responsively, if needed. Manage this across your office and update at any time with accurate real time reporting.

Social distancing

Quickly and easily implement social distancing procedures and ensure that desks are appropriately spaced. This can drastically reduce the risk across your entire workforce and ensure only desks that are adequately spaced can be used. This also works for meeting rooms where reduce capacities can be set.

Real-time contact tracing

In the event that there is a COVID-19 incident in your office, real-time contract tracing is available to ensure the safety of you and your team. Managers can rapidly implement a response plan as they can see who booked and checked in to each desk.

Remote working

Accurately plan and manage who needs to come into the office and when. Team members can flag when working from home to inform their colleagues drastically aiding collaboration. Managers can adapt team members’ bookings making the whole process seamless for everyone.

Cleaner Reporting

Produce reports for your cleaning team, showing which desks need to be cleaned to enable more targeted hygiene processes.


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