Hamilton Group manages the return to the office and identifies workspace efficiencies

Bermuda-headquartered company that underwrites specialty insurance and reinsurance risks on a global basis through its wholly owned subsidiaries. Hamilton leverages analytics and research to create underwriting and investment value for its clients and shareholders. It’s data-driven, collaborative, and inclusive organization committed to consistently delivering superior value to their shareholders, employees and clients.

What was the challenge?

After lockdown, we were looking for an easy-to-use system that would allow our staff to come back to the office in a safe and organized way, all while respecting COVID-19 restrictions. We needed an intuitive solution that wouldn’t require any heavy training.

How did you make your people feel more comfortable about returning to the office?

It has been great – we find the system very efficient and user friendly, it met all our needs.

What is your opinion of HotDeskPlus?

The staff is excellent, always providing very fast and comprehensive service. They are extremely helpful, and it’s been a pleasure working with HD+ Team.

Why did you pick HotDeskPlus?

We thought it was brilliant, very efficient, and cost-effective. Additionally, the support and Onboarding Team were outstanding, getting us live very quickly and responding to any queries that came up.

How does all this help you manage your office costs?

HD+ helps us manage hybrid office arrangement and optimize our workspace which also lets us identify office cost savings.

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