The simplest most intuitive software for desks, meeting rooms and parking

HotDeskPlus makes flexible working work for you. It is easy-to-use, integrates to your office calendar and teams, packed with COVID-19 return to the office features and is available in multiple languages. It enables simple two-click bookings of desks, meeting rooms and parking.

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Why HotDesk+ is the best software for your business.

  • Simple Booking
  • Workspace Optimised
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Simple Integrations

Simple Booking

A simple and efficient user interface on desktop and mobile with two-click bookings. Bulk-book desks, meeting rooms and parking in your neighbourhood or at any office globally.

Whether you need to book for today or you’re planning months in the future, HotDeskPlus office desk booking software is fully configurable to your office needs. Automatic and manual check-in features enable tracking and reduction of ghost bookings, to keep the office ticking along nicely all week long.

Simple check-in and check-out on desktop, mobile.


  • Desk Booking
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Parking Booking

Workspace Optimised

Get a full-picture view of the office as you settle into this new era. Manage any type of workspace and improve real estate utilisation across desks, meeting rooms, and car parking. Generate detailed Management Information (MI), asset level costs and behavioural patterns across all your locations, to spot improvement opportunities as they arise.

The reporting module is easy to use and fully interactive, enabling management to make meaningful decisions in real-time.


  • Improve Desk Utilisation Rate
  • Real-time Reports
  • Entire Office Solution

COVID-19 Response Capabilities

Honour your responsibilities as an employer as employees make their way back into the office. Return to work with improved safety and peace of mind with our six key COVID-19 response features.

With COVID-19, capacity limits, social distancing procedures, real-time contact tracing, remote working and cleaner reporting, in-office workers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can collaborate safely once more.


  • COVID-19 Self-certification
  • Capacity Limits
  • Contact Tracing

Simple Integrations

Easily integrate your key company applications and existing corporate systems to HotDesk+, for the comprehensive hot desk booking software that does it all.

Integrate your Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) including Azure, Okta, Google, SAML 2.0 and, AWS. Office 365 integrations are available for calendars, rooms, and resources. HotDesk+ also links to Teams via a secure API.


  • Office 365
  • Okta
  • Teams
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Google Workspace
  • API



Trusted by organisations worldwide

Some of the many companies taking advantage of the benefits of HotDeskPlus

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Comments from HotDesk+

"HotDeskPlus is all about your people. From the first design drawing, it was targeted to not only improves the daily experience of your team, but also help organisations oversee and enable desk allocations, meeting room bookings and even car park spaces. It optimises workspaces and reduce real-estate costs. It’s a win-win for all."

Chris Burke


"I’m passionate about HotDeskPlus. We continuously strive to enhance, improve, and adapt our product to meet the needs of existing and future clients. Quite simply we want to be the best product and provide the best service possible."

Maureen McKinley

Senior Manager

"At HotDeskPlus, we are a group of technology enthusiasts where people are always first and passion and positive work culture are core to how we approach everything we do. We strive to deliver the very best processes and technology in every situation for our clients."

Bala Ethirajalu

Head of Delivery

"Are you planning your return to the office? We aim to be your ultimate solution as we strive to offer the best hotdesking solution on the market and our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of service. We create a sustainable virtual environment based on your floorplan that can help you with organizing your workflow and your employee’s wellbeing. Hotdesking is no longer a one-time thing, it’s a long-time pursuit as the standard work type has changed."

Kornelia Waleswska

CRM Team Manager


Results That Speak For Themselves

Since the formation of HotDeskPlus in 2018 our software has been simplifying office management and challenging traditional office culture to support flexible and safe working practices







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